The Rookies Win in Grand Fashion
The Rookies pull out a 9-8 victory with 7 runs in the bottom of the fifth inning.
28 Apr by Trent

Mini Dorm Documentary
Production is done with the Mini Dorm Documentary (13.6 MB). Watch it, love it, live it. There will be a longer, updated version by the end of the year.

Quote of the week:
"So what if you have to wake up at 8am for class, go to sleep in class" -Ash
27 Apr by Chris

Broke Leg Chris
Chris broke his damn leg/ankle whatev last week. LoL His butt comes walking back into my room Thursday moring 2am with a f-ing cast on his foot. Ha Ha. So he will not be playing in the R.O.C's last regular seasons football game against the weak ass wrestlers. Come support us this monday 4/11/05 10pm on the track. Get at me !!!
10 Apr by Ash

Spring Break
The school year is ending and spring break is almost over. Man this really sucks. Anyways, Ash went to Las Vegas, Trent went home, Rancho Boys went to Fresno for a concert, and Drew went home. People like to travel and spend money but the guys of S104 know how to do all this stuff too but in a better fashion. ROC is off this week for flag football and is currently in a tie for 2nd place with a 3-1 record. The rookies a coed softball team will take the field this week at 9 pm on Wednesday for the first time against Delta Chi. That is the news up date for this week.
02 Apr by Trent

Vegas .............
I was in vegas this past weekend, got some shit.......... you know whatever. Back in L.A. now whatev............ Be back in the Fully in a couple of days get at me.
29 Mar by Ash

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