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Muse Music Video (7.19 MB Real Video)
Music video shot on location at Cal State Fullerton's dorms. Star-studded cast includes Anthony, Ash, Chris, Drew, and a little bit of Trent. Crazy helicopter shots and other special effects make this video a hit with girls and gals of all ages.

Dorm Documentary (13.6 MB Real Video) | (8.21 MB Windows Media)
A mini-documentary made for class that has caused laughter, concern, and even mass suicide.  Highlights certain aspects of dorm-life at Cal State Fullerton that would normally be overlooked or tabooed.  Due to some foul language, partial nudity, and adult content: Viewer discretion is advised.

Night at the Sycamore (6.29 MB Real Video)
A typical S104 night getting ready to go out and party for the night, complete with enslaved closet-dwelling black men and all the toothpaste and deodorant a man could ever want.

Gizmo (943 KB Real Video)
Chris caught his beloved Gremlin figurines getting into it one night.  Crazy drama between those too lately.

Prego (2.17 MB Real Video)
Anthony dares Chris to eat something; he throws up. Charming masterpiece of modern cinema.

Public Service Announcement (1.25 MB Real Video) | Short Version (633 KB Real Video)
An excellent public service announcement done for film class that involves someone driving while under the influence of taking serious mad hitting bong hits and the intense after effects of doing so. Thank you Rachel for your help on this.

Walk Sign is ON (1.98 MB Real Video)
Class project one day. Watch if your bored or on some sort of mind altering drug.

Studio Production: Chitty Bang Bang (5.46 MB Windows Media)
A studio production for class that ended up killing multiple people. If you like food, guns, stand-offs, or Ortega hot sauce, this video is for you.

Studio Production: Anti-Abuse PSA (4.61 MB Windows Media)
An anti-abuse public service announcement shot live and in the studio as a class project for Chris. Special thanks goes out to Maggie, Anthony, Bri, Adelina, Jackie and CSUF legend Kid Rainbow for graciously helping out. The video is kinda neat because it lets you not only watch the brilliant production, but also gives an insight into the crazy world of live-television.

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